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The Stylist's haberdashery.

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The Stylist's fashion menu.

The Stylist offers the ability to customize your characters appearance with a slightly limited range of hairstyles, skin colours, and suit colours. So you could shoot people dead in style, or fillet zombies with finesse!

Hair Styles & ColoursEdit

The hairstyles range from seemingly normal, to wild and wacky. There are in total 10 hairstyles, with 9 being male, and 1 being a female hairstyle. Not many protest the need for MORE female hairstyles. Your wacky hairstyle can also be colored, wack-ily... The hair colours are Light brown, Dark brown, White, Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, and Violet.

Skin & Suit ColoursEdit

The stylist also offers the option to edit the color of your skin. They go from the common skin colours, white, black, and oriental, there are also: very pale(?) zombie blue, zombie green, and zombie grime.

The stylist also offers some colours for your suit: white, light grey, dark grey, black, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, and violet!