The Compound is a building near the Airfield.  It is a building with a crane and garage surrounded by a metal wall.  A green gas is emitted by the area around the Compound, and will give the player toxicity rapidly unless they wear a gas mask.  The compound can be considered the best loot spawner in-game, and is rarely visited.

The CompoundEdit

The compound consists of a large building, a crane, and a garage.  A path leads to the top of the garage from the main building, and there are several crates and dumpsters.  The compound is surrounded by high walls, and a small entrance, perfect for making a base.  There is a gas surrounding the Compound that gives the player toxicity quickly unless they use a gas mask.  The compound is located near the Airfield and radio tower. Because of its secluded location and poisonous gas, the area is rarely visited.


The Compound is possibly the best loot spawner in game, spawning rare weapons, attatchments, and valuable items in almost all of the items spawns.  In the garage, there is a shelf, often with a sniper on top.  There is also a truck that spawns food. There are loot spawns on the dumpsters and behind the garage, as well as under the main building.  Inside the main building, there are lots of item spawns.  On top of the garage, there is a table that also contains loot.  The Compound is rarely looted, so there is little risk of bandits or having all the loot taken.