Damage 15000 Blood
Ammo Type .50 BMG
Fire Mode Semi-Automatic
Rate of Fire Slow
Recoil Low
Rarity Rare

The McMillan Tac-50 is a powerful .50 BMG sniper rifle found in Deadzone.

Overview Edit

The Tac-50 is very powerful and capable of killing an enemy in a single shot. Bullet Vests tend to have zero effect, which makes Tac-50 users extremely dangerous. By default the Tac-50 will have a medium-long range scope with a standard sniper crosshair. It is a popular weapon amongst the Deadzone community alongside the Predator, due to their damage output.

It has a sluggish fire rate, suggesting that it is a bolt-action (technically semi-auto in-game) sniper rifle. It is one of two sniper rifles that utilize .50 BMG as ammunition (the other being the AS50). It's recoil is low, further backed by entering prone, the use of a Grip, or a Bipod. Barrels or Silencers cannot be attached to the Tac-50, as with most other sniper rifles.

It is highly sought among Deadzone players, as it is an extremely rare weapon to find.


Using a Tac-50

When attempting to kill a player with the Tac-50, players must keep note that the weapon's gunshot is extremely loud, and fire rate is slow. Users must employ a subterfuge tactic, mainly sticking from a really long distance or hiding within heavy foilage. Entering prone is helpful as it will reduce the scope sway to allow better aiming. Using a Grip or Bipod also works too.

When facing two players or more, Tac-50 users must hit with precision. Once one player is down a user must quickly react to take out another.