Steyr Aug
Steyr AUG
Damage 6000 Blood
Fire Mode Automatic
Rate of Fire Fast
Recoil Medium
Rarity Rare

The Steyr AUG is an Austrian bullpup assault rifle which takes STANAG CM. It was adopted by the Austrian Army where it replaced the FN FAL.

Overview Edit

The Steyr AUG is a powerful assault rifle / light machine gun. It features a mounted scope that helps with aiming, and only accepts STANAG CM magazines, which is an oddity since a clunky STANAG CM would make it awkward to handle with its bullpup design. It's recoil is very high, and is best controlled with a grip.


  • It is one of 6 bullpup gun designs in Deadzone.
  • All NATO assault rifles are configured to accept both STANAG 30 and STANAG CM, but it is unknown why DeadzoneZackZak chose to only allow it to use STANAG CM ammunition.