The Small Bag is the backpack that is equipped when you join for the first time or respawn.


This starter bag has 8 slots you can use. It is recommended replacing this bag as soon as possible, as the limited inventory space will slow you down when scavenging areas.

You can re-equip your Small Bag again, by finding them in the Safezone (where it is common) or in the Deadzone.

Due to its small storage space, most players will drop this item.


RobloxScreenShot02172013 104257854

The Small Bag equipped.

  • It is really easy to find this bag (in the Safezone).
  • You start with a small bag.


  • Very few slots.

Starting itemsEdit

The following is the contents inside your small bag after first joining the game.

After you die and respawn, the flashlight is the only thing that will appear in your new Small Bag.

RobloxScreenShot02172013 104315550

Your items when you start Deadzone for your first time.