Melee weapons are close quarters weapons that have very short range, but can do large amounts of damage if the user can land a hit on the victim.

Weapons Edit

Light: A flashlight that illuminates the area around the player. The player is given one when they spawn.

Please note that the flashlight no longer illuminates the area around the player-- that feature is broken.

Hunting Knife:  A sturdy knife designed to cut through flesh. In earlier versions, players spawned with a hunting knife.

Katana:  A sword used by samurai and is popular in pop culture. It is rather rare. This is mostly found at the compound.

Sword:  A sword. What more do you need? It also is rare, but it is also found at the compound. Just not as often as the Katana. Also, a hackers only weakness is a sword, so if you get killed by someone who is health hacking (No hitmarkers, infinite health, ETC.), always have your backup sword. A sword is the only way to kill a health hacker.