Welcome to the official DEADZONE Wiki, A game by DeadzoneZackZak on ROBLOX.Edit

Deadzone is a game which is the predecessor of Unturned (based off of DayZ) of survival where you fight to survive and scavenge materials from the buildings around you. You are spawned in the Alaskan territory with a flashlight and have to gather weapons, food, water, and other supplies if you want to survive as long as possible. Encounter other players and choose to make them your friend or foe in split second decisions. This Wiki will tell you what you need to know about surviving the harsh terrain and more.


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Nelson Sexton (DeadzoneZackZak) is working on a Deadzone reincarnation called Unturned. Go here for more info and updates:

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Deadzone's current thumbnail, showing the Lodge, a small town and an industrial city in the background.