Fortifications and traps can be found as an item throughout the world and may be placed by a player. All fortifications and traps may be bought at the shop. There are currently 5 fortifications and traps.


Most fortifications provide excellent cover, while others don't provide much but can be used differently, such as blocking off an entrance. Traps could also be considered fortifications since they may harm all who pass through, they also can be used for blocking off an entrance. If someone dies in your trap, it does count as a kill (it may be a bug, but if you kill yourself with a trap it also counts as a kill. This could be an alternative way to purposely increase or decrease your reputation, it could also be a way to purposely increase or decrease an enemy (or friend)'s reputation). If someone steps on one of your traps, 4 extra diagonal lines appear around your cursor (identical to if you have shot someone).


Barbed Wire- When touched you take fast, constant damage and start bleeding; kills the victim in less than 2 seconds if stood directly on it.

Bear Trap- When touched you take damage, break your leg, and start bleeding

Landmine- When touched causes an explosion killing players caught in the blast; similar to a grenade

Planks- Can be placed, but can be broken with firearms.

Sandbags- Can be placed, obviously intended for (but not limited to) cover