This page contains all information pertaining to the Evac Center.

Evacuation Center *Evac* (alt.)Edit

Evac is one of the most dangerous places in the Deadzone. It consistently has wondering players a majority who are unfriendly and should be avoided. The Evac has a great loot table, which lures players in to it. However, since it has great loot, many players end up meeting there and fighting until they die.


The reason this place is so active is because of its loot table. It has 4 military towers which can contain military loot; it also has multiple humvees that spawn guns, with M4A1s and M4A3s being the most common (Sig-Sauers and Glocks are relatively rare here but M16s are somewhat common), along with attachments. There are also 4 medical tents containing a variety of medical instruments, which are similar contents to the few ambulances scattered in the Evac. In the middle of the Evac Center there is a crashed Huey that may spawn rare military loot. There is also a bunker containing pretty good loot, one of the rooms in the bunker appears to be a food/water storage with a seemingly endless amount of beans and water. Apothecary supplies may also be found in the bunker.

Tips and TricksEdit

Since this is the hottest spot on Deadzone, there is some thought that needs to be put into before entering.

  • Snipers: Surrounding the Evac Center there are rolling hills which often contain snipers. A trick for when going into Evac is to always check if there is a sniper. If there is, always be on your feet while looting. NEVER stand still because you'll get a bullet to the brain.
  • Loot: Evac has an amazing loot table and if no one is there I suggest hitting it (and perhaps set up a base, though lots of players are likely to go there and kill you.) 06:57, February 18, 2013 (UTC)Pants