This is a page where the current or previous bugs and glitches are exposed...

Bugs and GlitchesEdit

-If you reset your character, you will continuously fall to your death by spawning below the world (FIXED)

-Occurs only if you are idled in a vehicle as a passneger, and your screen hits a hill/wall (since you are in 3rd person (not the vehicle)), and a split second after your screen isn't zoomed in because it is no longer against the wall, your screen will say "ZOOM IN TO PLAY." Your screen will be stuck in the spot that your screen hit a hill and  there is no way to stop this until you die. (This doesn't always happen and could very well be a one time thing.)

-Instantly after you hit a hill (dead-on with a vehicle that isn't a bike) your vehicle gets jammed into the hill, this happens almost all the time your car hits a hill. (This is probably an unintentional bug but it still very well could be intentional and not a bug.)

-In the Evacuation Center bikes can somewhat climb on top of the crashed airplane and be stuck hovering above it (Evacuation Center removed)

-If you crouch (x), go into first person, aim at your feet, and walk, you will be able to slowly fly

-If you hold a large-sized bag (not just a large bag) you will abruptly fly for split seconds at a time

-If you kill yourself with your own trap (including barbed wire) you do earn the kill and reputation based on how high/low your reputation is. This can be used to bring your reputation and kills up, but may be also used to purposely bring someone's reputation up or down.

-If you find a ledge that is just too high to vault over, stand as close to it as possible and face the ledge, go prone (X) so your arms no-clip through the ledge, and then quickly stand up. Your character will then vault over the ledge.

-If you are riding a bike, it negates all explosive damage (landmines, RPG rockets, etc).

-When a bike collides with barbed wire, it startes hovering on top of it. The bike can still be retrieved if the foward and backward keys are spammed.

-The only thing stopping vehicles from entering buildings is the floor, otherwise vehicles may go through things. Vehicles can currently no-collide through the fences in the airfield.

-Players can hit other players through walls with melee weapons.

-Upon exiting any vehicle, players always exit to the left, this means you can go through walls when exiting a vehicle parked to the right of one; players may also go into a vehicle through a wall

-Players may utilize "Cheat Engine" go cheat (hack)